U18 Lady Rocks triumphant over Fury!

December 16, 2018

Saturday 15th December and your U18 Lady Rocks headed to central Scotland to take on Falkirk Fury in a Scottish Basketball Championship match at Grangemouth Sports Complex.


The Lady Rocks came into this match with a 4-0 league record with a 5th league win taking them into second place in the league.


Lady Rocks start the game strong by zipping the ball around the 3-point line and finding the gaps in the Fury defence. It was Loughran who would get the first points on the board for the Lady Rocks after a nice spin fadeaway after driving strong to the centre of the key.


Fury would struggle early on to find any rhythm to their offence as the defensive pressure from the Lady Rocks was high, leading to several steals and scores for the Cumbernauld side. Timeout Fury early Q1.


Coming out of the timeout Fury started to settle into the game however this did little to slow the Lady Rocks down as Faleu, Burns, Beattie and Loughran continued to drive into the key with ease, drawing contact and getting to the free-throw line.


The ball movement and array of skill on display from the Lady Rocks towards the end of Q1 was something that Fury's defence could not handle. Loughran crossing up her defender, a Burns 3-point score and a Beattie and-1 play allowed the Rocks to create a nice 13 point lead.


END Q1 | Falkirk Fury 12-25 Lady Rocks


Positive signs from the Lady Rocks to start Q2 with Elizabeth Brown, an U16 player, forcing the issue with several strong drives into the key and creating easy opportunities for her teammates.


The defensive intensity and ball movement on offence continued to improve for the Lady Rocks in quarter 2. Strong play on offence, in particular on the boards, allowed the team in blue to convert on second chance points and to get to the free-throw line with ease.


After several minutes of play where the Lady Rocks struggled to convert on offence, Coach Gilbride called timeout to re-focus her side.


Coming out of the timeout the Lady Rocks looked much more relaxed and assured of their own abilities, moving the ball well and finding Faleu for 3!


HT | Falkirk Fury 27-45 Lady Rocks


The Lady Rocks started the second half by moving the ball well on offence, utilising the 24-second clock and finding Faleu for 3!


Fury continued to struggle in quarter three to maintain possession of the ball, or even to create easy opportunities to score, as the Lady Rocks continued to rotate well on defence. This was also an opportunity, early Q3, to see what the young U16 players were made of as four of the five players to start Q3 were cadettes.


As a result of great defensive rotations the Lady Rocks continued to score easy points on the fast break, thus increasing our lead even further.


Frustrations on the Falkirk side continued to mount as they continued to give away foul after foul which the Rocks took advantage of at the free-throw line.


A dominant 3rd quarter was brought to a close after a great offensively play finishing in a 3-point make by Faleu.


END Q3 | Falkirk Fury 35-63 Lady Rocks


A slow start for the Lady Rocks to start Q4 but after several defensive stops momentum was once again building for the Cumbernauld side. 


We continued to extend our lead early quarter 4, much to the frustration of the Falkirk club. Timeout Fury.


Any hopes of a Fury resurgence coming out of the timeout was quickly put to rest as the Lady Rocks continued to force Fury into contested shots and turnovers, most of which resulted in easy fast break scores for the Rocks!


Coach Gilbride started to rotate her bench more towards the end of the fourth quarter as the arial assault from three further dented the Fury defence.


Your U18 Lady Rocks see of Falkirk Fury to go 2nd in the Scottish Basketball Championship.


FT | Falkirk Fury 43-85 Lady Rocks 



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