U16 Lady Rocks reach Scottish Cup Final!

December 9, 2018

After a slow start to season 2018/19 your U16 Lady Rocks have started to build a bit of momentum in recent weeks. The next challenge? The Scottish Cup Semi Final; challenge accepted!


Rivals St Mirren would travel to St Maurice's HS on Sunday 9th December to face your U16 Lady Rocks to determine who would face Perth Phoenix in the 2019 final.


The Lady Rocks won the tip-off in front of a packed house, finding Lucy Rafferty immediately who would score a contested left hand layup. Lady Rocks would then force a front court turnover but would fail to convert on the shot opportunity. The Lady Rocks fans were incredibly loud to start the game!


The Lady Rocks would continue to maintain their defensive intensity throughout quarter 1 as St Mirren struggled to create easy opportunities on offence, failing to get points on the board for the first 4:32 minutes of the game. The Lady Rocks, however, would jump out to an early 8-0 lead.


Creative shots from Brown and Rafferty from Ferguson and Ruddy assists were proving just how far the U16 squad have come since the start of the season. St Mirren would eventually get their first points of the game on the board with a 3-point make. The Lady Rocks would immediately reply to extend the lead to 10-3.


More creative play came late Q1 in the form of a dribble-spin move from Saoirse Ferguson, creating space in the key to score an uncontested right hand layup. The pressure continued to mount on St Mirren as the Lady Rocks moved the ball well on offence, finding Dunsire cutting down the key for the and-1 play; free throw scored.


After yet another turnover in their backcourt, St Mirren called timeout. St Mirren would score coming out of their timeout.


The ball movement from the Lady Rocks would continue to remain a strong point in the remaining minutes of Q1 as on several possessions the Cumbernauld side would find a wide open Rafferty at the top of the key. Lucy would hit 3 from 4 open shots.


END Q1 | Lady Rocks 21-9 St Mirren


Coming into the 2nd quarter the Lady Rocks would struggle to maintain possession of the ball in the front court as St Mirren upped their defensive efforts.


The Paisley side would put together a series of defensive stops culminating in an and-1 play on the offensive end. Following the missed free-throw attempt, Niamh Ruddy would gather the ball and sprint up the court and convert on her own and-1 play. The Lady Rocks fans on their feet!


A frantic couple of minutes of play from both teams saw the Lady Rocks struggle to find any sort of consistent flow to their offence. The one highlight was that the Rocks' defensive rotations and hustle on the boards were preventing St Mirren from reducing the lead.


Late quarter 2 and the Lady Rocks' offence started to flow more freely as the ball movement and off-ball movement was noticeably better than the previous five minutes of play. This resulted in easy scores around the basket for Dunsire, Brown, Ferguson, Ruddy and Rafferty!


However, St Mirren weren't to be outdone late Q2 as they reduced our lead to 14 points following a contested score and an uncontested layup score. Timeout Lady Rocks.


Coming out of the timeout St Mirren force Lady Rocks into a turnover, break up court and score from 3. Lady Rocks would continue to maintain a comfortable lead for the remainder of the quarter helped by great rotations on defence and forcing St Mirren into low percentage shots.


HT | Lady Rocks 37-22 St Mirren


The Lady Rocks start the half by forcing St Mirren into a turnover, making them pay for their mistake by scoring 2 points on offence.


This quarter the Lady Rocks would absolutely blitz St Mirren on both ends of the floor. The Paisley side struggled to create easy looks on offence would only score a total of 4 points all quarter. The Lady Rocks would score 14.


Impressive hustle on defence by the Lady Rocks and stellar ball movement on offence would find Brown, Dunsire, Rafferty and Ruddy all wide open for easy scores around the basket.


Late Q3 the ball movement from St Mirren started to improve but this proved to be a fruitless task as the Lady Rocks matched their efforts with strong defensive intensity. The Paisley side struggled as the Lady Rocks continued to command a strong lead.


Towards the end of the quarter the Lady Rocks would force St Mirren into several turnovers in their own backcourt, allowing the Lady Rocks to extend the lead further.


END Q3 | Lady Rocks 51-26 St Mirren


As was the case in Q3, the Lady Rocks started the quarter by forcing St Mirren into a turnover and then finding Rafferty for the score. St Mirren immediately reply by breaking up court and scoring off of a baseline drive.


The Lady Rocks would struggle for the following six possessions, failing to move the ball without a St Mirren player deflecting or stealing the ball. Timeout Lady Rocks.


Coming out of the timeout the Lady Rocks looked much more confident in their abilities as a team and this was proven to be the case. The Rocks took further command of the match by continuing to move the ball well on offence, creating easy opportunities and converting on those opportunities, and forcing St Mirren into several turnovers.


The Lady Rocks faithful would continue to sound their support of the U16 squad throughout the quarter, particularly as Coach McDaid started to run his bench. 


Leah Tervit Stark would come off the bench and make an immediate impact by stealing the ball and breaking up the court and scoring a contested layup. The Lady Rocks fans made sure their approval was heard! Tervit Stark would again break up the court and score a contested layup after gathering the rebound from a missed St Mirren free-throw.


Another stand out moment of the quarter was when Enya Ruddy, and U14 player, gathered the offensive rebound and scored her first National League points for the Lady Rocks! The Lady Rocks fans were on their feet in support.


FT | Lady Rocks 68-29 St Mirren



Lady Rocks will now face Perth Phoenix in the 2019 Scottish Cup Final.


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