Missed opportunities haunt Lady Rocks in shock loss to K.F.C

September 23, 2018

The 3rd in a trio of Lady Rocks matches this week was set to take place today as your U16 Lady Rocks took on Knights-Fury Central (KFC) at home, hoping to make amends for their recent defeat to Inverness City Lions.


Delighted to have a number of his players back from a school expedition, Coach McDaid emphasised coming out of the blocks with a strong start.


This, however, wasn't to be the case as the Lady Rocks and KFC both struggled to execute early in the opening stages of the central-belt rivalry match. Niamh Ruddy would eventually get the 1st points on the board for the Lady Rocks as she scored 2 free throws. The Lady Rocks began to build some momentum towards the end of the quarter forcing KFC into successive turnovers. Timeout KFC.


The Lady Rocks came out of the timeout raring to go as they forced KFC into more turnovers, breaking up the court but failing to execute. It was left to Rafferty to knock down the mid-range shot to allow the Lady Rocks to stay on the heels of KFC. However, KFC quickly sprinted up the court and converted on an uncontested layup.


A very low scoring 1st quarter saw KFC lead by only 3 points. Lady Rocks 4-7 KFC.


KFC started out the 2nd quarter with an improved defensive intensity than what they showed in period 1. This placed Lady Rocks under further pressure as we failed to secure easy looks at the basket, resulting in Lady Rocks making multiple turnovers which KFC capitalised on. Niamh Ruddy, following in the footsteps of former Lady Rock and her sister, Erin Ruddy, refused to be put down so easily, forcing KFC to turn over the ball multiple times at the half way line and converting on two of these opportunities, bringing the Lady Rocks back within touching distance of KFC.


KFC's defensive pressure was maintained towards the later stages of the quarter, forcing Coach McDaid to call his first timeout of the match. Coming out of the timeout, Lady Rocks would step up their defensive efforts which would create better opportunities on the offensive end for the Cumbernauld side. Ferguson, Dunsire and Rafferty would all knock down massive shots for the Lady Rocks to bring us within 1 point of KFC.


An intelligent steal once again from Niamh Ruddy at the halfway line gave the Rocks possession of the ball with 10-seconds to play in the half, only for the Rocks to find a wide open Emma Dunsire who scored on the HT buzzer giving the Lady Rocks a 1 point lead! The Lady Rocks fans were jubilant!


HT- Lady Rocks 20-19 KFC.


A strong start to the 3rd quarter was on the cards for the Lady Rocks as we forced KFC into early turnovers, only to find Rafferty, Ferguson, Brown and Dunsire all on the offensive end for scores. KFC weren't going away though as they clung to the Lady Rocks, trailing by 3 points for the duration of the quarter. Ruddy, a vocal point of the Rocks offence today, was pushing the tempo of the Rocks offence and even contributed late in Q3 with a nice cross over and jump shot for 2. Lady Rocks led by 4.


KFC were forced into a late 3rd quarter timeout following great ball pressure from the Rocks. Coming out of the timeout, the Lady Rocks would struggle to contain KFC as they brought the game back within 1 point. A Rafferty mid-range basket on the end of quarter buzzer once again gave the Lady Rocks a 3-point advantage!


END Q3- Lady Rocks 32-29 KFC.


The Lady Rocks began the 4th quarter by forcing KFC into a jump-ball turnover, giving Rocks possession. Some excellent ball movement from the Cumbernauld side created some great open looks at the basket, however our shooting woes continued into the 4th. KFC began staging a late comeback by forcing Lady Rocks into 3 successive turnovers, all of which KFC capitalised on, on offence. The lead was once again back in the hands of the Knights-Fury merged team.


 As the quarter progressed KFC opened up a 9 point lead as Lady Rocks struggled to stop the ball on defence or retain possession on offence. Timeout Lady Rocks, Coach McDaid understandably frustrated with his teams efforts.


A dramatic late comeback was on as the Lady Rocks forced back-to-back turnovers out of the timeout, both of which we converted on.  A 3rd successive turnover by KFC and a foul on Emma Dunsire had the Rocks head to the free throw line with 6.2 seconds to play, down 3 points. Timeout out KFC and St Maurice's was ROCKING! 


Any hope of a Rocks win was quickly diminished as we failed to score on both free-throws or intentionally foul on the missed rebound. KFC dribbled out the clock and came away with the win.


A shock result in Cumbernauld, Lady Rocks left haunted by their missed opportunities.


FT- Lady Rocks 40-43 KFC.


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