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SIGNING | Erin McGarrachan

Caledonia Gladiators are delighted to announce our first homecoming signing, Erin McGarrachan.

Erin was the clubs first ever player back in 2006, when they were known as JRW Gladiators. She had a work ethic that was hard to fault and as a result went on to achieve great things within Scotland and beyond.

Erin McGarrachan said “I can’t wait to return to the floor as a Gladiator! This is a very exciting time for our club that has always dared to dream. I am delighted to be part of this next chapter as we bring the visions of our founding coach to life. I have every confidence that our club will not only make a lasting mark in the league but also change the culture of basketball in Scotland.”

Erin has Captained teams at both Scottish and GB levels and went on to play in the States at Houston Baptist University (Huskies), before returning to play in the WBBL with Leicester Riders and then in Austria with BK Duchess.

Miguel Ángel Ortega Marco, Head Coach, said “I am really looking forward to coaching Erin this coming season. Having a player with her leadership qualities is exciting for me and the younger players at Caledonia Gladiators. We had a zoom call last week with Erin and I could tell how much this opportunity meant to her - returning where it all began is a lovely story. Erin is a fantastic ambassador for Scottish Basketball, and we will be leaning on her experience from the NCAA, Eurobasket and more recently her time in the WBBL.”

Last season, Erin stepped in late to Caledonia Pride, bringing some experience to the young team. Her dedication to the programme, whilst maintaining a full-time job was exceptional. She was instrumental in the overwhelming success the team achieved last season.

Lisa Palombo, Head of Operations, said “Erin was our first player to demonstrate an ambition beyond club basketball. She had a thirst to play at the highest level and went on to be our first to achieve Scottish, GB, International and Professional honours. I have been immensely proud over the years by Erin, in her basketball achievements but also in terms of how she conducts herself as an athlete. She is a tremendous person and having her return home for our first season in the WBBL, will without doubt, be one of my proudest moments”.

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