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Announcement | Colin Haldane

It is with a heavy heart, that Lady Rock Basketball Club announces the retirement of Colin Haldane, Senior Women Head Coach.

Colin joined Lady Rocks in December 2012, initially stepping in to support our senior women for the remainder of the season. The pull being too strong, Colin decided to stay a little longer.

Colin writes,

“Working with youth basketball for 20 + years it was a step into the unknown taking over the reins of a SW team.
I couldn’t have imagined at the time what a rewarding step it turned out to be.
To have the opportunity to build a team over a number of years and to develop a style of basketball has been the most rewarding part of my career. To help improve a team of young women was such a pleasure.
Now we have four mothers playing with children under 5. They are great role models for our younger players and for women in sport.
I have been so fortunate to have players who were willing to work hard for each other and willing to commit to a shared goal.
The team have become intelligent thinking basketball players, allowing me to step back knowing that the future of the team and the club is in safe hands.
I leave with such fond memories and although I’m bound to miss it, I’ll be in the stands willing the team on to greater heights

Over the ten years, Colin has secured nine Scottish Championship title wins. An incredible array of silver wear.

Lisa Palombo, Club Coordinator, writes,

“We initially asked Colin to step in and help us through the second half of a season, knowing that with his experience, he would be the right person to lead our girls at a time of uncertainty. I’m not sure anyone, including Colin, ever thought he would stay this length of time, but what a success story this has turned out to be.
Colin has been such an inspiration to us all and we are left with such fond memories.
His achievements are astonishing and testament to the wealth of experience and knowledge Colin brought to Lady Rocks. We will certainly move forward a far richer club because of his input.
On a personal note, I’m not sure I can articulate in words, the depth of my gratitude. There are few people in this world willing to give so much, and for nothing other than to make a difference to another.
Colin has spent the last ten years walking through our gymnasium door, with a smile on his face and a difference to be made. For that, I will be eternally grateful.”

Whilst Colin steps down as Head Coach, he will no doubt be found on the side-lines, guiding us through the next phase of our journey- albeit, only on days when the Golf course is water-logged, of course!

Lady Rocks Basketball would like to take this opportunity to wish Colin a very happy, healthy and restful retirement.

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