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STATEMENT | Nadele Strain

“The 2019/20 season was something magnificent and one we will all remember!

To our Fans… we could not have done this season without you. Every game we had full support, it didn’t matter if it was Friday nights at Cumbernauld or a Sunday afternoon in Inverness, you were always there for each and every player. Cheering us on, always supporting and for that we are grateful. Now get some rest and be ready to roar again for season 2020/21…it’s going to be even bigger! To our volunteers, the players and coaches would not be able to do what we do without you. Week in, week out you guys are putting in hours that aren’t been seen, but we see you. We are forever grateful for the time and effort you put in each week for this club. We can’t thank you enough.

To the coaches, what a tremendous season. Thank you for everything you do to help push our teams forward. You’ve helped us grow into one of the best female clubs in the country. I look forward to how we progress even more for Season 2020/21

To all players and team mates, thank you for continuing to push yourself and your team mates to new limits. This season didn’t end as we all would have hoped but what we achieved this year was something incredible, something not all clubs/players get to experience. We won THREE league titles TOGETHER, that is something special! But now it’s onto the next. Eyes are on Season 20/21, we have some unfinished business....

Lastly I hope everyone is staying safe and I look forward to seeing and hearing you all soon.”

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